Feel good at home with these easy do's!

So, you’ve either just woken up before your 9am morning meeting and have about 3.2 seconds to get your sh** together or you want to look très chic for your grocery run. If you’re anything like us, you aren’t ready to turn full hobo just yet and still have an ounce of dignity left (or you just bloody love doing hair!) and in that case, we can turn you from drab to fab in minutes. Keep reading!

We present to you, the 3 DIY do’s you need to add to your repertoire, like, now. Because even when #isolife is over (praying for the day), these little styling gems will help you get ready quick smart in any situation. They go something like this:




STYLE NO.1 | The Frenchie Roll

WEAPON OF CHOICE | Style Spray Wax & Style Soft Set Spray



Step 1 – Part hair down the middle and prep the hair, spritzing Style Spray Wax through the ends and combing through.

Step 2 - Pull hair back into a neat and low, hand-held ponytail.

Step 3 – Hold your hair in your right hand with your right pointer finger out, pointing to the left, to the left.

Step 4 – From here, take your left hand and pull the hair from the ponytail up and over the right pointer finger, making a loop.

Step 5 – Once looped, hook your pointer finger and twist the hair around and underneath to your right (this is the roll!).

Step 6 – Take some bobby pins and start securing the roll from the bottom up. The best way to do this is to not open the bobby pin, but to hook a tiny bit of hair from the roll whilst pulling to the left and securing it under the other side.

Step 7 – Once your roll is in place, lightly rub your hairline around your temples to loosen any soft baby hairs. Then take your Style Soft Set Spray to set your look! VOILA.


STYLE NO.2 | The Hair Flip (perfect style for old waves!)

WEAPON OF CHOICE | Style Dry Texturizer & Style Matte Cream



Step 1 – Start with your hair out, running your fingers through the front (your hair looks sexy pushed back) and flipping it over to one side to find your hair’s natural side part.

Step 2 – Taking your Style Dry Texturizer, start spraying into the front of your hair to add grit to your flip, underneath the weight of your hair on the heavier side and through the mid-lengths and ends to add texture. As you are doing this, keep adding height to the flip by scrunching it slightly forward as you spray.

Step 3 – Once you have added enough texture and grit to create body and height to your hair, take a small amount (about a 10c coin piece) of the Style Matte Cream on your finger and work between your fingertips to add a little heat.

Step 4 – On the side opposite to the heaviest amount of hair, tuck your remaining hair behind your ear, smoothing down with your Matte Cream filled fingers. Feel free to either tuck all the hair or leave a few strands out; up to you! Be sure to smooth down any fluffy hairline hairs for that sleek finish.

Step 5 – With the remaining product between your fingers, scrunch the bottom of your hair to add some hold to those ends! Finito.


STYLE NO.3 | The (cute) Top Knot

WEAPON OF CHOICE | Style Precision Powder & Style Spray Wax



Step 1 – Start by prepping your roots with the Style Precision Powder. Run your fingers through your hair, spraying the Precision Powder as you go into those roots all over the top of your head.

Step 2 – Pull your hair into a high ponytail by raking your fingers back and upwards gathering hair as you go. This is meant to be messy so don’t be too pedantic!

Step 3 – Once you’re happy with the height and have collected all your hair – secure in place with a hair tie.

Step 4 – Add some height to the front of your hair by massaging the top of your scalp slightly and pinching bits of hair forward. This is how you get texture!

Step 5 – Taking your ponytail, wrap your hair loosely around to form a bun. Keyword = loosely to create that messy look! Then secure with bobby pins around the bun so it stays in place.

Step 6 – Finish by spraying a bit of Style Spray Wax to keep the style held in place. Then, lightly massage the hair around your hairline to loosen those baby hairs and complete your look. TA-DA!

Keen to watch a play by play? Check out our DIY video with Senior Technical Advisor Michelle Surace here!