Hair colour, please leave it to the pros!


During current times, it's only natural to try to work out how you’re going to stretch out the results of your last colour or to feel worried about when you might have your next colour appointment.  

And whilst it’s basically the sworn oath of hairdresser to always help you feel and look great, providing you with professional hair colour to DIY at home, it is something that simply should not be done out of obligation to your health and safety.


Professional hair products are chemicals and are not designed for use by an untrained professional. If used incorrectly, results can be disastrous – from compromised hair health and undesired colour results all the way to chemical haircuts, chemical burns or even blindness.

In New Zealand, the entire country is in lock down but currently, in Australia, hairdressing salons are still permitted to operate. It’s currently a mixed bag - some have decided to remain open, some who have decided to close or some are operating reduced or extended hours. With that said, all Australian hair salons are required to implement the government mandated health measures to ensure everyone’s health and safety during their visit.

For salons who are still open, we encourage you to make an appointment with them. During this appointment you can discuss some colouring techniques which may help to prolong your results, as well as home care to match.

If your salon is closed, or for whatever reason you’re not able to attend an appointment or feel uncomfortable to attend, this is understandable. It’s uncertain time for everyone. Many salons are still available for video consultant to recommend you home care products and this website will assist you to purchase your much loved Keune products from the comfort of your own home.

 Here are some tips to help get your through –

  1. Break it up with highlights or a root stretch. During your next colour service, ask your hairdresser to do a technique to help your regrowth to blend better. Highlights or a root stretch are a great way to help.
  1. Ask your hairdresser for a personalised Chameleon x Care Mask. This mask is created bespoke by your hairdresser. With added colour pigments into an already super nourishing treatment, it will help to prolong the intensity or tone of your colour for longer. If you have a usual colourist, who has your colour records, this will be something that they can do for you.
  1. Avoid straight partings. Getting creative with a part by using a zig zag instead is a great way to hide regrowth by breaking up the solid tones.
  1. Wear styles with volume. Lifting hair from the roots by using products like the Design Volume Powder or even the Style Dry Shampoo, are great ways of disguising regrowth.
  1. Look this way! Distract attention by disguising regrowth with a style. Think slicked back buns, top knots and braids.
  1. Accessorize. A great way to disguise regrowth is to dress it with headbands, scarves or even a hat.
  1. Temporary touch ups. You can add a touch of mascara or eye shadow to the key focal areas to help blend the colours.


Whilst it might be our new normal for a little while, let's look on the bright side that it’s only temporary. It's a great time to take advantage of the forced change of normality to do things we might otherwise usually not have time to do. See our blog on hair health kick rituals.

Together we’ll get through this. Let's help each other staying healthy, whilst looking and feeling great. Stay strong, keep your distance and keep healthy.