When his iso beard has grown on him...

Beards are not a new thing, but with iso forcing us to cut out a few of our staples it’s no surprise the fellas have let their hair down… well, grow! What may have started as a lack of resources has now become attachment, and with so many men holding on to their newfound growth for dear life, we thought it would be fitting to show you how we can keep them soft, scented and well-maintained! Facial hair has its demands – and if it’s going to look great, you’ve got to keep it happy and healthy. No wild messes here with the help of 1922 by J.M Keune’s grooming range!

The Base: 1922 Beard Oil

Part of a daily beard grooming routine, our Beard Oil nourishes and hydrates both hair and skin, and conditions beards so they stay soft making them easier to style. Enriched with avocado and sweet almond oil this formula is a rich conditioning combo to keep beards soft and hydrated. Major PLUS is it smells like a dream!
HOW TO: rub 1-2 drops between the palms of your hands, then massage through beard for hydration and shine.

The Braun: 1922 Beard Balm

Hold that beautiful beard in place so the hairs aren’t wildin’ out with a gentle formula enriched with the same nourishing oils to keep the beard feeling soft, but in a balm for a light hold & natural finish.
HOW TO: rub a small amount between the palms of your hands, then work through beard to groom and style.

The Border: 1922 Superior Shaving Cream

A perfect beard isn’t complete without showing off that handsome face underneath it all, which is why keeping the border clean is just as important as the health of the beard. Tidy up those cheeks with a hydrating shaving cream in a handy tube. The Superior Shaving Cream keeps skin soft with bisabolol and glycerin, while creatine adds a touch of nourishment for the skin.
HOW TO: work into a lather using your hands and pat onto cheeks. Shave desired area and rinse, then pat face dry.